Backpacks, more often than not, are the constant companion of students. It travels with the kids from home to school and from one grade level to another. A backpack becomes an extension of a child’s personality that could signify nerddom or coolness. Which is why students and parents alike prefer backpacks over satchel or messenger bags.

However, a backpack can either be a child’s best friend or his worst enemy. Listed below are the pros and cons of letting your child wear a backpack.

Pros of Backpacks

Backpacks are simple and handy bags that are perfect for daily use. They can carry a lot of things from books to clothes to electronic devices. But backpacks are often used as schools bags not only more little children but as well as college students.


A backpack of excellent quality has plenty of storage space and pockets to help organize the books, laptop, and other school material. More so, having an organized backpack can make your school life easier.


No matter where the kids go, they can carry all of their things with their backpack. It is far easier and simpler than carrying the books and lunchboxes with bare hands. 


There are backpacks the maximum security for the items inside them while others are waterproof. Despite being lightweight and flexible, a good quality backpack can assure you of the safety of your belongings whatever the weather is.

Time Efficient

Time is important even for school children. Appropriate backpacks can help children move around while being comfortable and hands-free.

Cons of Backpacks


Backpacks are known to cause low back pain to its user and sometimes it could lead to a more serious and long-lasting health condition. There are times when parents fail to notice that there is too many stuff on their child’s backpack and a heavy backpack can strain the child’s back and spine that would eventually affect the child’s posture and the musculoskeletal health. That is why it is important that parents choose a backpack that has an ergonomic design and with padded shoulder straps to avoid the said health conditions. However, even if parents buy such backpacks, there are students who prefer style over comfort.

Used for Contrabands

Because of the size of the backpack, students see it as a good hiding spot to smuggle prohibited goods to school. There are school administrators who are lax in going through each of the students’ bags especially if the numbers of pupils are overwhelming, hence students use the opportunity to put stash away items such as alcohol, drugs, weapons, and many others.

Nevertheless, backpacks, if used accordingly, can help a student do about their daily life in school. If you are looking for a good quality backpack, check this out: